“iPhotographer IPHOTOGRAPHER is a new development in photographic equipment. Get personalised versions of master photographs in photographic paper using a traditional enlarger. No knowledge is required”.

iPhotographer, 2009
Set of 3 stencils
laser cut cardboard

 Eggelston sample kit  - Original

Eggelston sample kit - Blue
Send us the image of your choice, choose between our 3 levels of difficulty: amateur, photographer or master (the more difficult, the more layers, colours and detail); and you will get in your home a package containing the stencils and a diagram with the instructions. Simply put the stencils on top of the paper and choose the corresponding numbers and time in the enlarger. It's painting by numbers only in that you will be painting with light, like a true professional!

Traditional photography made simple, made affordable. You are guaranteed to create a cool image to put on your wall and impress your friends. The stencils are totally reusable so you can explore, choose your colours and try the endless options. You can make something new and unexpected every time. This is the perfect gift. Send us your favourite images.

Our 3 different sizes are perfectly adapted to suit the standard paper sizes. At only £9.99 and free delivery this is the most affordable and innovative quality art product you can buy. Check out our sample of Eggelston prints!”