Nelson Plaza
Patrik Rowe
Naroa Lizar


ArtLearningBank is an artist initiative founded by a group of three Fine Art graduate students -Nelson Plaza, Patrick Rowe and Naroa Lizar -at Pratt Institute. Adapting the principles of Time Bank, LearningBank serves the needs of the community at Pratt offering hands-on art making classes. LearningBank uses time as a unit of exchange. Members can register to teach one hour long art classes and also attend the classes taught by other students.

ArtLearningBank is tied conceptually to the traditions of participatory and pedagogically based art practices. Projects that appear as schools, both symbolic and actual, like Trade School and Time/Bank, have been initiated by artists and fit comfortably in the expanded field of contemporary art practice. Rather than separating pedagogy from art, ArtLearningBank understands the exchange of knowledge as an artwork.
ArtLearningBank does not generate paraphernalia, logos or slogans, and does not use any kind of currency in exchange of the art classes. The artistic value of the project is focused on its personal and social transformative power.

A catalog by ArtLearningBank was included in the MoMA Exchange Cafe exhibition
May 24 - June 30,2013

Monoprints - April 2013