59 Days (& Nights)

The work appropriates the Google Maps aerial view of Zuccotti Park where, during 59 days, the Occupy Wall Street movement created a resistance protest against the inequalities that result from neoliberal economic policies.

By incorporating to the code of the image 99 sentences that protesters had in their cardboard signs during the demonstrations, the view of Zuccotti park gets disrupted. This digital noise represents the voice of the so-called the 99% and how the slogans and ideas behind the mobilizations have somehow created a buzz or a noise in the society at large. 59 days escapes from the way in which the media portrayed the occupation and their motivations, which in big part influenced (and still keeps influencing) the end result of the movement.

59 DAYS (& nights), 2012-2013
Video preview

Everything's fine keep shopping
Video Still - 59 DAYS (& nights), 2012

My Cardboard can beat your billboard
Video Still - 59 DAYS (& nights), 2012-2013

59 DAYS & Nights, 2013
hardcover, 360 pages 
9 x 12 1/2 inches